Former MLA and backward class leader joins Congress, Kamal Nath gives membership

Bhopal. As soon as the Madhya Pradesh assembly elections are near, the game of party-change has started. BJP has got two more setbacks simultaneously in Katni district. After leaving BJP, Katni backward class leader Shankar Mahato and former Vijayraghavgarh MLA Dhruv Pratap Singh have joined Congress. Membership was given in the presence of Kamal Nath and Digvijay Singh. Before this, BJP leaders Deepak Joshi, Yadvendra Singh, Baijnath Yadav have joined Congress in the past also.

On joining Congress of Dhruv Pratap, state president VD Sharma said that BJP gave respect to everyone. I respect everyone. The Bharatiya Janata Party has given respect to everyone, be it Dhruv Pratap Singh or anyone else. He has been the president twice. He has been an MLA and has held the status of a minister. Now whatever comes in his mind. Someone had said that VD Sharma had spoken abusive words. On which the state president said that I am saying this with an open mind. How can you believe that I can abuse someone. All this is visible and now politics has started.

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In fact, a picture of BJP leader Shankar Mahato with Digvijay Singh and Jaivardhan Singh also went viral on social media. Due to which speculations started about Shankar Mahato joining Congress soon. Shankar Mahato had confirmed that he would soon leave the BJP and join the Congress. He also accused the big leaders of BJP of neglecting him and sidelining him. At the same time, he said that I have never seen more plight of the workers than this.

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Please tell that Shankar Mahato is considered an influential and powerful leader of Bahoriband assembly in Katni district. Those who belong to the Lodhi community and are counted among the close associates of Union Minister Pahlad Patel. Shankar Mahto has also been the president of Bahoriband Janpad Panchayat. Apart from this, he has also been the former Mandal President and District Vice President. He is considered to have a considerable hold in the backward classes in the area. Due to which BJP may have to suffer a lot in the coming elections.

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