Former star cricketer Kapil Dev and

City Center Mall Inauguration: The City Center Mall in the capital Raipur was renovated. Many changes were made in this. Under this, cricket lovers also got a new playground in the mall. Which was inaugurated today by former Indian team captain Kapil Dev and former star cricketer Madanlal Chauhan.

Dharmendra Jain, partner of City Center Mall, told that today is an auspicious day to give a gift to the city of Raipur. It is the day of Rath Yatra, on this day we have inaugurated this mall for the day of Rath Yatra. I thank you very much that Kapil Dev and Arjuna awardee Madanlal Sharma have arrived today on its occasion. Those people came and increased our respect, increased the respect of the mall, increased the respect of Raipur, I thank both of them a lot.

I consider this day auspicious because at that time there was no information in India that Indian team can win cricket world cup or any support world live can dream any bhajan, because of that great artist who led India Brought back to the tournament, due to which India got the World Cup.

Giving information to the media, Kapil Dev, the former captain of the Indian team, said that it was very nice to come to the capital Raipur and it was nice to see such an atmosphere, never thought before that such malls could be in the capital Raipur. When we used to travel outside 30 to 40 years ago, we used to think why there are no such malls in our country, now we see it is very nice, Kapil Dev while sharing his words said that people here only take autographs and Let’s take photographs, don’t talk together.

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