Fraud of tractors from farmers: Fraudsters sold them on the pretext of hiring them in a well-known company, police seized 17 tractors from different states, this was revealed

Manish Maru, Agar Malwa. Nalkheda police of Agar Malwa district of Madhya Pradesh has got success in a big case of cheating with farmers. 17 tractors sold fraudulently have been seized by the police. In this case, the thugs, along with their accomplices, had sold the tractors of the farmers on the pretext of renting them to a private company for a huge amount. . While 4 other accused are still absconding who are being searched.

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The information about rigging of about 40 tractors by the thugs has come to the fore so far. The value of the tractors seized so far is said to be around Rs 1.5 crore. Disclosing the matter on Thursday, District SP Santosh Kori said that the police had received a complaint that a large number of tractors were being cheated with many farmers from the area. When the police registered a case on the basis of the complaint and started investigation, it was revealed in the investigation that the mastermind of the case, Sujan Singh Gurjar, a resident of Zirapur police station area of ​​Rajgarh district, along with his associates, hired the tractors of the farmers of Agar district to LNT company. Cheating in the name of installation.

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Thug Sujan Singh would cleverly enter into an agreement with the farmers in the name of LNT Company, in which a hefty amount was fixed every month as rent to the farmers. Since the big project of laying pipeline by the LNT company is being worked on in the area, the farmers soon fell for the hoax in the name of the company. For the initial 2-3 months, the fixed amount of monthly rent was given to the farmers by thugs, about 25 to 30 thousand rupees, due to which other farmers also got trapped in its trap by getting greedy. After giving the initial amount, the farmers were avoided by saying that they would give the money together under the guise of getting money from the company, so that the farmers did not doubt it. But when the money was not received for a long time, the farmers complained about it to the police.

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It was also revealed in the police investigation that thug Sujan Singh would contact the farmers and take them to the tractor showroom to get them new tractors. Then along with his colleagues, he would send tractors from the showroom itself in the name of getting them installed in the company. Later, his accomplices along with other accused used to sell tractors at half the price in UP, Punjab, Haryana, Delhi and other places. Police has so far seized 17 tractors from these places, while about 40 tractors have come to the fore so far.

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