Gamblers were punished for doubling money

Takhatpur / Janjgir-Champa. In Takhatpur of Bilaspur district of Chhattisgarh, along with 25 fairies, 16 lovers have been arrested. In the rural areas of Takhatpur police station area, there was continuous news of gamblers, after which there were continuous reports of gambling. Police has taken action in village Bija.

Police arrested 16 gamblers with playing cards and cash in a raid. Action was taken against the accused under the sections of the Gambling Act and presented in the court.

Names of the arrested accused

  1. Narayan father Ramratan Kol age 40 years
  2. Jagatram father Dukaluram Kol 65 years
  3. Gajendra Singh father Ramnath Singh age 42 years
  4. Santosh father Bhaggu Bharti age 40 years
  5. Ramcharan father Chamruram Kol age 43 years
  6. Bhanupratap father Bodhanlal Satnami age 60 years all resident village Bija police station Takhatpur Bilaspur
  7. Aghan Tandon father Samanru Ram age 55 years
  8. Ramdil Baghel father Makhanlal age 28 years
  9. Laldas Khunte father Chhoturam age 44 years
  10. Rajesh Tande father Khilavan Tade 42 years
  11. Rajkumar Satnami father Sudheram age 43 years
  12. Suresh father Anoop Anant age 34 years all resident village Bija Thana Takhatpur.
  13. Phool Singh Father Bhangar 55 Years Village Belsari
  14. Ramakrishna Ahuja Father Ganesh 62 Years Village Belsari
  15. Fagu Ram Kosle S/o Koduram 65 Yrs Village Belsari
  16. Ramdas father Girwar 52 years village Belsari,

Please inform that Takhatpur police is continuously taking action against the persons involved in illegal work and illegal narcotics. Meanwhile, a total of 16 accused have been arrested from different places in village Bija and Belsari. 52 playing cards and 2,320 cash have been seized from the possession of the accused by conducting raids.

12 accused arrested with satta patti in Janjgir Champa

Here in Janjgir Champa Birra Police has taken action. 12 accused involved in illegal Satta Patti gambling have been arrested. Among the accused, Taldeori, Pamgarh, Loharsi, Rahoud Salkhan, Podi and Shivri Narayan are accused in the area.

An amount of more than 15 thousand 900 has been seized from the accused. 15 mobiles, pen calculator and paper have been seized from the accused. Section 6 CG against the accused. Action was taken under the Gambling Prohibition Act 2022. The accused have been sent to judicial custody.

arrested accused

(01) Chudamani Sahu, age 34 years, resident of Taldevri Thana, Birra

(02) Neeraj Ratre, age 22, resident of Chandipara police station, Pamgarh.

(03) Nandlal Sahu, age 40 years, resident of Chandipara police station, Pamgarh

(04) Durgesh Yadav age 23 years resident Pamgarh

(06) Rajendra Kumar Sahu age 42 years resident Loharsi

(07) Virendra Chandrakar age 34 years resident Rahod

(05) Gajendra Kasyap alias Santosh, age 20 years, resident of Salkhan

(08) Mannu Lal Kenwat age 35 years resident Durpa

(09) Shravan Kumar Kenvat age 40 years resident Durpa

(10) Deendayal Aditya age 40 years resident Kera Chowk Shivrinarayan

(11) Abhilesh Kesharwani age 28 years Ward 14 City Nagar Shivrinarayan

(12) Shrikant Aashikar, age 31, resident of Podi police station, Nawagarh

When will the stigma of the capital of betting be erased from Shakti?

On the other hand, if we talk about new district Sakti, Sakti has established itself as the capital of betting in the whole of Chhattisgarh. Sakti has become the safest place for bookies. In Sakti, big bookies are openly running their business here, but Sakti police could not control them till date. Even the bookies who came under the grip of IT raid 8 months ago, the Sakti police showed full kindness.

IT officials had handed over the list of bookies of Sakti to Sakti police for action 4 months back in March, on which no action has been taken till date. Sakti has been a stronghold of bookies for years. Where the IT officials from outside reach the size bookies, but the local officials here have not been able to reach there till date, for which the Sakti police always remains in the circle of questions.

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