Gandhi Jayanti: Mahatma Gandhi’s Message of Unity Echoes on His 154th Birth Anniversary

Gandhi Jayanti: As the nation commemorates the 154th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, we reflect on his contributions, ideologies, and principles that continue to inspire generations. Gandhi’s unwavering commitment to India’s struggle for independence remains a source of inspiration, as his legacy is revisited and celebrated on this special day.

Gandhi played a pivotal role in uniting Hindus and Muslims during the fight for independence, a feat that holds great significance even today. His efforts to bridge the gap between these two communities during a tumultuous period are being remembered and revisited.

The historic moment we revisit today dates back to September 12, 1947, when Mahatma Gandhi addressed a prayer meeting. He emphasized the importance of unwavering loyalty to the idea of Indian unity, the reverence for the tricolor flag, and strict adherence to the government’s directives.

Gandhi’s Wise Counsel

In the prayer meeting, Mahatma Gandhi urged, “We must understand our religion. In the light of our religion, I want to say that it is our greatest duty to ensure that Hindus and Sikhs do not harbor any ill will towards each other. I appeal to Muslims to openly declare their connection with India and their loyalty to the country. If they are true to their God and wish to stay with the Indian community, they cannot be enemies of Hindus. I also want to tell Muslims living in Pakistan, who have become antagonistic towards Hindus, not to go insane. If you want to be a part of that madness, I cannot support you. We must remain loyal to the country and salute the flag. We must obey the government’s orders.”

Gandhi’s Message in ‘Hind Swaraj’

In 1909, Mahatma Gandhi penned ‘Hind Swaraj,’ a significant work in which he urged everyone to remember that Hindus and Muslims in India share a common ancestry, and their blood ties run deep. Changing one’s religion should not lead to animosity between people. Gandhi articulated that different religions are pathways that ultimately converge at the same point. In ‘Hind Swaraj,’ he expressed, “I do not wish to imply that Hindus and Muslims will never quarrel. Even brothers living together sometimes argue. Occasionally, their heads may even clash, but not all individuals are the same. When both are in high spirits, they may engage in wrongful acts, which we must endure.”

Embracing Gandhi’s Legacy

As we celebrate the 154th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, his vision of unity, tolerance, and unwavering commitment to the idea of India remains deeply relevant. His message of bridging divides, fostering communal harmony, and upholding the tricolor flag’s honor still resonates in a world that often grapples with divisions.

Gandhi’s teachings continue to guide us towards a more inclusive and united India, reminding us that diversity is our strength, and unity is our true destiny. On this day, let us remember his words and strive to keep his legacy alive by promoting peace, harmony, and love among all communities in our diverse and vibrant nation.

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