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Feature Story. Women are becoming millionaires in Chhattisgarh. Money is raining in the villages. In Gothans, women are becoming self-sufficient by rearing poultry. Bhupesh is becoming rich under the schemes of the government. Meaningful efforts are being made by the Government of Chhattisgarh to make Gothans self-reliant. Self-help group women are being linked with employment by giving them training.

Garden development and production of vegetables

The women of the group are being made economically self-sufficient by involving them in other activities including poultry farming, goat rearing, mushroom production, bamboo basket making, quail farming, bari development, green vegetable production, rice mill operation in Gothans.

women becoming financially independent

In this series, with the aim of empowering the women of self-help groups, the work of involving them in economic activities is also being done continuously by the push rearing department, so that women can become financially self-sufficient.

Encouraged to earn extra income

The Animal Husbandry Department is encouraging farmers, villagers, special backward tribal families and women of groups to earn additional income by benefiting from the department’s scheme.

become financially independent

In this series, 14 women of Ganga Maiya self-help group in Korna village panchayat of Duldula development block are earning additional income from poultry farming and have become financially self-sufficient.

48 thousand rupees income from sale

408 chicks were provided to the group by the Animal Husbandry Department, from the sale of which the women of the group received Rs.35 thousand. After that, the women reared 180 pieces of country fowl at a cost of Rs. 48,000 and after three months earned Rs.48,000 from its sale.

Earning of 1 lakh 36 thousand

The women of the group reared 300 boiler chicken chicks and earned an income of Rs 53 thousand by selling them in 45 days. Similarly, women of Ganga Maiya self-help groups have received a total benefit of Rs. 1 lakh 36 thousand so far. Along with household chores with enthusiasm, by joining the group and participating in other activities, they are also supporting the family by earning additional income.

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