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Geeta Dutt Unknown Facts: She may be famous as Geeta Dutt in the film world, but Geeta’s real name was Geeta Ghosh Rai Chowdhary, born on 23 November 1930 in Faridpur city of Bangladesh. When Geeta was just 12 years old, her entire family left Bangladesh and settled in Mumbai. Since childhood, Geeta wanted to establish herself in the world of music. In such a situation, Hanuman Prasad gave him the initial education of music.

This is how Geeta’s career started

Geeta’s career started in the year 1946 with the film Bhakta Prahlad. After this he sang songs for many films including Kashmir Ki Kali, Rasili, Circus King, but all these films were not successful at the box office. Geeta’s luck took a turn when she met SD Burman. He gave Geeta a chance to sing in the film Do Bhai, which turned her fortunes.

Heart was lost on the set of Baji

During the year 1951, when Geeta was recording Tadbir se badi hui taqdeer bana le for the film Baazi, she came across Guru Dutt. Both of them fell in love with each other so much that they got married in 1953. However, only after four years i.e. from 1957, there was a rift in the relationship between the two. At first, Guru Dutt interfered in Geeta’s work, due to which Geeta was shocked. On the other hand, when Waheeda Rehman entered Guru Dutt’s life, Geeta broke down badly.

Geeta lost her life like this

Caught between wife Geeta and girlfriend Waheeda Rehman, Guru Dutt’s condition continued to deteriorate. On October 10, 1964, when Guru Dutt said goodbye to this world, all the dreams of Geeta were shattered. He drowned himself in alcohol. His health started deteriorating and he left this world on 20 July 1972.

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