Ghum Hai Kisieky Pyaar Meiin Preview Episode 25 July 2023 Ishaan Becomes Savis New Enemy Bhosale Challenges

Ghum Hai Kisieky Pyaar Meiin New Twist: The show Gum Hai is the favorite show of the audience. Savi Chavan, daughter of Virat and Sai, is working hard to fulfill her dreams. But there are some problems that are not leaving him.

Savi’s work got spoiled because of Isha Mam? Ishaan got annoyed

Isha and Ishaan have a mother-son relationship, which Ishaan never accepted. In such a situation, whenever Isha’s name comes up, Ishaan flares up. Similarly, Savi had troubled Ishaan a lot, Ishaan was also very irritated due to his personal problem and now it was bound to flare up after hearing Isha’s name. In such a situation, Savi’s watt has started.

Now in the upcoming episode it will be shown that when Savi runs away from home, she will need a roof over her head to spend the night. In such a situation, he will reach Bhonsle Institute in the night itself. The guard of Bhonsle Institute will take pity on Savi and give him Ishan’s cabin to spend the night. Along with this, he will also give a warning that get ready early in the morning and come out, Ishaan Baba comes early. Now on the same day Ishaan will come to his cabin more quickly.

Ishaan will be furious on seeing Savi

Ishaan will turn red with anger when he sees Savi coming out. In such a situation, he will ask Savi what she was doing inside? Savi will turn around and say that she has come for admission, she has to meet Nishant sir. Only then when he hears Isha’s name, he will get angry and say that you have taken Isha’s name, I will also see how you get admission here. Savi’s ego will be hurt on this and she will also accept this challenge. She will say that I will take admission here on the basis of my ability.

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