Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin Savi And Ishaan Wedding To Be Soon Here Is A Big Hint By Makers

Ghum Hai Kiskey Pyaar Meiin Savi And Ishaan: Lost in someone’s love, Savi and Ishaan’s relationships are about to meet. In such a situation, the makers have given a big hint about the show. In such a situation, it is believed that Savi and Ishaan will soon have a fateful connection.

Savi and Ishaan will have a fateful connection
It was shown in the show that Savi leaves her marriage and runs away from home. In this situation, her Isha ma’am and her younger grandmother support her. Savi is dreaming of becoming an IAS officer after being educated. She is working day and night for this dream.

Savi’s race for admission in college is about to begin. Savi is all alone now, lack of money, no roof over his head. In such a situation, from where will the college fees be paid, how will the admission be done? He has always been worried about this. In such a situation, he will think of Ishaan.

Isha’s bus is not on Ishaan
Isha is anyway there to take care of Savi. But despite being a mother, Isha can’t handle Ishaan. In such a situation, she will ask Savi to talk to Ishaan about college admission. Now Ishaan gets irritated with Isha i.e. his mother. And Savi had put Ishaan in trouble at one point of time. Ishaan is quite traumatized at the moment. Years old love has left him, in such a way Savi will now enter his life. Savi will take an entry in Ishaan’s life as a challenge and the situation will come quickly as to when she will become his life partner.

Will get good news soon!

Meanwhile, the makers have given a big hint related to the show to the fans. A new promo came out from the show, in which the middle of the cotton was seen falling on the shoulders of both. And the peon of the college was seen telling Ishaan what is the meaning of the middle of this cotton falling on the shoulder. It is said that it is believed that on whose shoulder this cotton seed falls, he gets married soon. Now here it falls on Ishaan’s shoulder, and on the other side it sits on Savi’s shoulder. Got it brother! That means Ishaan and Savi can get married soon.

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