Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin Spoiler Alert 22 July 2023 Savi Gets Help From Isha Maam Reeva Cheats Ishaan

Latest: A new twist is about to emerge in the show Gum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein. Savi has left the house in the show, now the path has become very difficult for Savi. It is becoming very difficult for him to survive, so his teacher Isha has now held Savi’s hand. Whereas Ishaan has left Riva’s hand? What is the real reason?

Rift in Riva and Ishaan!
In the upcoming episodes, it will be shown that Riva will leave Ishaan’s heart. The big reason behind this has come to the fore. Ishaan was abandoned by his mother in his childhood. He is very hurt by this. The person with whom Ishaan was emotionally touched, has now done something that will make Ishaan hard-hearted. Ishaan’s mother chose career over her career and personal life. Isha’s mother is none other than Isha herself, Savi’s madam. And now in the upcoming episode, Ishaan will be seen shouting at Riva that he knew what was hurting her. Ishaan will say that ‘You are also doing what my mother did to me, go away, now we have no relation.’

What will happen next?

It is not yet known what Riva has done, but soon this secret will be exposed. On the other hand, Savi will enter Ishaan’s life. Isha will be seen spreading her hand from door to door for Savi’s admission, the reason behind this will be that she will see a passion in Savi’s eyes, as she once had in her mind. She does not want to leave this passion and wants to get Savi to his destination. Now Savi will come to know that Ishaan is the chairman of the college where she wants to take admission. In such a situation, Savi will now be seen seeking help from Ishna, but Ishaan will be in a bad mood because of Riva.

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