Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin Spoiler Alert Sai Off To Germany Is It An End Of Sai Journey In The Show Know Here

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin Upcoming Episodes: Makers can change the direction of the air anytime in Gum Hai show. These days the track of Sai-Virat and Satya is going on in the show in which Sai is trying her best to help Satya. On the other hand, Satya is trying to separate Sai from himself in order to give her a better life and is trying to make plans to reunite Virat with her. But now there is going to be a new twist in the story.

Sai will fly to go abroad

Recently, a promo came out from the show in which Sai and Virat were running towards each other at the airport. In this romantic promo, both Virat and Sai were seen traveling in a plane and were seen holding each other’s hands. After this there was a big explosion, after which the fans speculated that there was a technical glitch in the plane due to which the crash was shown. Now what will this scene come in the show?

What is going to happen next?

Sai has boarded the plane, but Satya is going with Sai instead of Virat! Sai wants to take Satya to the best doctors in Germany for her treatment. In such a situation, will this effort of Sai be successful? Or before that the show will be changed again and Virat will be made to sit in the plane instead of Satya? So will the first generation end in the same way as the promo that was shown earlier? A lot of exciting things are going to happen in the show and the interest of the audience is high.

Let me tell you, it is being shown in the show that Venu is also insisting to go with Sai. He says that if Savi goes with Sai, he will also go. On the other hand, Sai will be seen explaining to Veenu that Savi is going with Mama, so there should be someone with Papa as well. Sai will convince Veenu to stay with her father.

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