Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin Spoiler Alert Savi Will Be In Trouble Bhavani Tring To Sai Daughter To Get Married Not Perusing Studies

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin Upcoming Episodes: Veenu and Savi were taken over by Bhavani and Ashwini after Sai and Virat left the Gum Hai show. The pride of the Chavan family is alive but the fame is over. There is a lot of struggle in Savi’s life. Savi does not even have money for studies. How will she fulfill her dreams in such a situation? Above all, the trouble of Bhavani marriage is going to tie Savi’s neck.

Bhavani steps up for Savi

Bhavani Sai used to hate writing. Sai became a doctor with Virat’s support. Now Savi is searching for her existence just like her parents. She wants to become a police officer like her father, but the Chavan family is now going through a financial crisis. The condition is so bad that Ashwini’s husband doesn’t even have money for medicine. Savi understands the condition of her house, in such a way she makes notes and sells them after studying all night to support the house. So that they can support the family by giving money at home. But Bhavani does not need this support of Savi. In such a situation, Bhavani has taken a big step for Savi.

Bhavani wants to lighten the burden by getting Savi married?

Venu has not been mentioned in the show yet. In such a situation, it is being speculated that Bhavani has sent Veenu to study abroad by mortgaging the house. At the same time, the talk of stopping Savi’s studies and his marriage is going on. In such a situation, there is discrimination between boys and girls in the Chavan family. Now in the upcoming episode, Bhavani will find a relationship in which the boy will be in love with someone else. Despite this, Savi’s relationship will be done with him. In such a situation, are two more lives including Savi’s going to get spoiled again? Will Savi be able to fulfill her dreams? Savi’s mother Sai appears in her dreams and teaches her to fight for her career. Will Savi be able to pull it off in her real life? It would be very interesting to know this.

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