Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin Spoiler Here Is How Savi Will Be Saved By Isha From Disaster Marriage Know Details

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin Latest Episode: In the show Gum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein, Savi was going to jump into the well because of her elder sister, that is, she was going to marry without any mind. In such a situation, now Isha Mam has come and saved Savi, will this step of Isha Mam take Savi on a new path?

Savi was saved because of Isha Mam
In the upcoming episodes, it will be shown that Savi will get ready to marry without any mind. Savi would be sitting as a bride only then Isha ma’am would come to her in her room. Savi will be afraid that his grandmother might see Isha. In such a situation, she will ask that ma’am are you here? On this, Isha will show some important papers to Savi, which will be shocking for him.

The person with whom Savi is going to marry is not good for Savi. Isha will also be seen presenting strong evidence of this in front of Savi. Isha has high hopes from Savi, she wants to help Savi selflessly. In such a situation, Isha will show Savi that the person she is going to marry is also a number one unscrupulous gambler and a girl. Savi will be shocked to hear this. Only then there will be entry of elder grandmother in the room.

Will Badi Aaji create trouble for Savi?
Badi Aaji will create a scene by seeing Isha ma’am, in such a situation, Chhoti Aaji will come in the room and handle the situation and will take Badi Aaji with her to the room. Now Savi will not be able to understand here what to do? Only then younger Aaji will come and she will say that she has heard everything, after that she will give a chance to Savi to run away from there. After this, seeing the opportunity, Savi will run away from there. At the same time, Badi Aaji will become furious and in anger will close the doors of her house for Savi forever.

How will be Savi’s fateful connection with Ishaan?

Here Savi’s life will turn around and he will start afresh. Now the responsibility of her future is on Savi’s shoulders, in such a situation, Savi will do everything with a lot of focus. But he is yet to get admission in the college of his choice, which belongs to Ishaan. This is the same college where Ishaan is a professor. Will Ishaan help Savi, will Isha be able to get Savi admission? Will Savi spoil Ishaan’s mood as soon as Isha’s name is mentioned? Amidst all this, one thing is certain that soon Ishaan and Savi will tie the knot which is going to be a wonderful fateful connection.

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