Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin Spoiler Savi Ran From Her Wedding Ishaan To Broke A Marriage With Reeva Know Details

13 JULY 2023: In the show Gum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein, Badi Aaji has said yes to the relationship that came to Savi’s house. Now she just wants to see Savi as a bride. Savi is helpless, in such a situation, Savi will get ready for marriage in the coming episodes. But at the same time she will also be ready to take a big step forward.

Savi’s relationship is confirmed, Sai’s daughter will follow the path of Isha Madam

Now in the coming episodes, Savi will obey her mother-in-law and will get ready for marriage. Savi will be thinking whether this is the truth of his life? Will his dream of becoming an IAS never come true now? In such a situation, Chhoti Aaji will reach out to Savi and support her. Chhoti Aaji will say that she should run away from here right now. Savi will be shocked to hear that Chhoti Aaji wants to see his dreams come true. Just then, will Savi get wings after this and she will be free from the Chavan family.

Mother’s anger will explode like a volcano

The procession will be standing at the threshold, when Aaji will reach the room to receive Savi, she will be dizzy. There will be no Savi in ​​the room, during this time everyone will keep their mouth shut and no one will give any information about Savi to Badi Aaji. Savi will be saved from the affair of marriage. But on the other hand there will be catastrophe in Ishaan’s life as well.

Storm came in Ishaan’s life too

It will be shown in the show that Ishaan will get angry on Riva over something. Between the preparations for the marriage of Riva and Ishaan, there will be some big fight between them. Ishaan will be seen blaming Riva that she should not have hidden such a big thing. Riva will be seen crying on this. A surprising thing will happen when Ishaan will be seen dividing his and Riva’s marriage invitation card into two parts.

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