Girl student injured in gunpowder blast: The mineral department closed the stone quarry running near the school, the headmaster was also suspended

Abhishek Mishra, Dhamtari. A girl student was seriously injured due to gunpowder blast in a stone quarry near the school in Kokdi village of Kurud block. In this incident, the Department of Minerals took cognizance of the negligence of the administration and broadcast it prominently in and sealed 2 illegal crushers by closing the stone quarry today. At the same time, the headmaster of the primary school has also been suspended for not reporting the incident to the higher authorities.

The villagers had also complained about the possibility of damage to the houses of the surrounding villages due to the explosion in this mine. On the other hand, after the death of the girl child in the gunpowder blast, the Mineral Department today investigated the stone quarry of village Kokdi. This stone quarry was being operated with valid license since many years. The girl was injured in the incident that took place on July 12, due to which the villagers complained and demanded the closure of the mine.

Girl child injured due to negligence of administration in CG: Stone quarry running near school, 8 year old girl student injured due to gunpowder blast, Ragni battling life and death in hospital

Today, on the demand of the villagers, the team of the Mineral Department reached to investigate and sealed the stone quarry for not following the set standards. The stone quarry operator said in writing in front of the present villagers that he would pay the entire cost of the treatment of the injured girl child.

On the other hand, Kamal, Principal of Government Primary School, Kokadi, for not taking the incident seriously and for not taking immediate treatment and not informing the higher authorities and not taking legal action against the provisions of Chhattisgarh Civil Service (Conduct) Rules, 1965. Narayan Sonwani has been suspended with immediate effect.

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