Girls wear black thread on their feet for fashion and style, this is also a kind of trick…

Raipur. Wearing black thread on the feet is such a trick that you must have seen many people adopting. Now wearing black thread on feet has also become a fashion. Talking about girls, black thread is not just a trick for them but also a part of fashion and style. According to astrology, wearing a black thread can also face problems many times in life, whereas if black thread is worn at the right time and place, it can bring you many benefits.

When should black thread be tied?

The black thread represents Shani, the god of justice. It is worn on the hands, feet and arms to remove the effects of negative energy and evil eye from life. If you are wearing it on your feet, then according to beliefs, you should wear it only after going to Shani Dev’s temple on Saturday.

In which leg should the black thread be worn?

According to astrology, women and girls should wear black thread on the left leg only. Actually, the left part of women is considered auspicious in the scriptures, so the black thread should also be tied in the left leg only.

How many knots to tie? In how much time can the black thread be changed?

Women should tie 7 knots in black thread and with each knot you should chant Om Shanaye Namah mantra. Always change the black thread of your feet on Saturday itself and let the old thread flow in running water. You can change the black thread of your feet once in a year.

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