Government employees decide the future of MLA in Bhopal South West Assembly, know history

Amritanshi Joshi, Bhopal. Assembly elections are to be held in Madhya Pradesh in a few months. Four and a half years have passed since this term from 2018 to 2023. By the end of the year, the people will again elect their government. That is, once again it is the turn of the people’s representatives to live up to the expectations of the people. What is the current situation in 230 assembly seats of MP, what is the condition of the area, which MLA is in so much water? The answer to all these will now be given by the report card of the MLA. is going to tell you about the performance of all the MLAs of the state and the ground realities of their areas. MLA’s talk today in Report Card South West Assembly of Bhopal district of seat.

South West Assembly Seat

The South West Assembly seat is considered to be one of the most high profile seats in the capital Bhopal. In the year 2018, Congress had won. For most of the time this seat has been occupied by BJP. There are about 2 lakh 31 thousand voters in this seat. South West Assembly is very special in itself. Government officials – 75 percent of the voters in the employee-dominated seat belong to the general category and OBCs. SC voters also have an impact with 17 per cent. Bhopal’s biggest market New Market, slum and posh areas are included in South West Assembly. There is resentment about some basic facilities. Most people are talking about voting on the issue of development. However, people do not have any special problem with the present MLA.

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History of South West Legislative Assembly

BJP’s MLA has been elected 5 times since 1990 in the South West Assembly seat, while the representative of Congress has been elected twice. In 1998 and 2018 PC Sharma was elected MLA from here. Who defeated Umashankar Gupta. He has also been a minister in Kamal Nath’s government. Whereas from 2003 to 2013, Umashankar remained MLA from BJP. While being a BJP MLA, Umashankar also got a place in the cabinet. Prior to this, in 1990 and 1993 also, the BJP was in power here.

election issues

A large number of people live in slums in the South West Assembly. There are many problems regarding the basic facilities of the people here. Especially the housing scheme and better road are expected. Although facilities like electricity and water are good, but people say that they are still deprived of many basic facilities. People are greatly influenced by the personality of the present MLA. Even the cancer treatment of one person was given with the grant money of the MLA. There is also a sizeable population of employees in the South West assembly constituency. The old pension scheme is a matter of discussion among the retired employees along with the employees. The OPS scheme may make an impact in some areas of the South West Assembly.

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caste equation

If we talk about the caste equation in the South West Assembly seat, then the maximum number of Dalit voters here is 55 thousand. There are 32 thousand Kayasthas, 25 thousand Brahmins, 30 to 35 thousand Muslims, and about 24 thousand OBCs. Muslim voters are only 4 percent in this seat. In this seat, the people of Dalit society are a big part of the vote bank, which decides the big difference between victory and defeat. Majority of government employees, 75 percent voters in this seat belong to general category and OBC. There are about 2 lakh 31 thousand voters in this seat.

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Many contenders in BJP

There are many contenders on this seat in Congress and BJP. Outspoken spokesperson of BJP media team Neha Bagga, Sangh’s favorite Shravan Mishra, chief functionary of BJP organization Rahul Kothri and three-time MLA from the same seat Umashankar Gupta are seen staking claim (for daughter).

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Many contenders in Congress too

PC Sharma from Congress can be seen staking claim once again. Sanjeev Saxena, who has faced defeat from BJP once, is busy claiming the ticket, Sanjeev Saxena’s brother is currently a councilor from South West, Congress can bet on the face according to the survey

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