Grand welcome of Deputy CM Singhdev in Ambikapur: Addressed to the supporters, said- Now only Kaka-Baba will not work, the whole Congress family will have to come together…

Ramkumar Yadav, Surguja. Health Minister TS Singh Dev reached Surguja for the first time on Thursday after becoming deputy CM. Where he was warmly welcomed at different places in the district. In this episode, TS Singhdev shared his happiness with his supporters by reaching Rajeev Bhavan in Ambikapur late night. Addressing his supporters, the fellow also gave the mantra to win the upcoming elections.

Deputy CM Singhdev said on the question of Sargujia government which ran in the last election that definitely there is only one such division in the entire state where 14 out of 14 seats were won by the Congress.

On the question of journalists about the pair of Jai Veeru and Kaka Baba, Singhdev said that, last time Jai Veeru left, now Kaka Baba is running. But now it is not in the capacity of Kaka-Baba alone to visit 23 thousand booths. Now the entire Congress family will have to come together in the elections and work unitedly to get 75 seats.

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