Happy Birthday Priyanka Chopra When Actress Revealed She Is A Complete Homebody And Hate Partying

Piyanka Chopra 3 Unknown Facts: Today Priyanka Chopra is celebrating her 41st birthday. Priyanka has earned Hollywood name and fame with Bollywood on the basis of hard work. Priyanka has shifted to America after marriage, although Pisci, who likes Indian tradition and customs, often keeps worship in her house, whose pictures she also shares on her social media account. His fans also want to know everything about him. Once the actress was asked three unheard things about her, she told some special things about herself.

Pisey likes to stay away from the party
Priyanka Chopra was asked in the Filmfare interview in 2004 that what are the three unheard things about her. Responding to which the actress had told that she is completely domestic and is happy with her family only. Pisci had said, ‘I am completely domestic. I am happiest with my family around me. When I was in Manali for a 40-day shoot, my entire khandaan (family) from Ambala and Chandigarh came to meet me. Then we had rented a bungalow and had a big family get together.”

Pisci likes to stay away from parties
Telling another thing about himself, Pisci had said, ‘I hate partying. I come from a conservative family and it cannot be accepted just because of what I do in my films. But films are a job and I am very different from what people think of me. I am not the Priyanka that people saw in Andaz, Kismat (2004) and any of my other films. While telling the third unheard thing about himself, Pisci had said that he is very fond of poems. He likes both English and Urdu poetry, while his favorite poets are Emily Dickinson, Faiz Saheb and Ghalib.

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