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Feature Story. Chhattisgarh government’s Haat Bazar Clinic scheme has emerged as a boon for the people. This scheme is serving new life to the people. Doctors are treating people by visiting village-village, street-street and haat-bazaars. Infusing new life in the villagers. In 11 months, 92 thousand people were given medicines after health tests in the haat-bazaars being held in the district. This scheme has brought new energy in the lives of the people. Read how Baghel government’s Haat Bazar Clinic scheme is flourishing in remote hills?

diagnostic and treatment facilities

In fact, under the ambitious scheme of the state government, the Mukhyamantri Haat-Bazar Clinic Yojana, check-up and treatment facilities are being provided in the Haat-Bazar Clinic Health Camp which is held every week in development blocks Bagbahra, Basna, Saraipali and Pithora along with Mahasamund.

Medicines were given after health checkup

At the same time, patients are getting basic health facilities quickly. 1822 medical teams went to 89 hot markets in the district. In the last 11 months, 92 thousand people were given medicines after health tests in the haat-bazaars being held in the district.

Treatment of people in these villages

In order to benefit the villagers more and more from this scheme, public awareness is created by the District Administration and Health Department from time to time by giving information about the camp in local languages ​​through Nukkad Natak/Kalajattha. Talking to the villagers who came to the weekly haat-bazaar of villages Churki, Khatti, Tusda etc. under Bagbahra development block of the district, they told that this scheme of the government is very beneficial.

Crowd increased due to regular clinic in Haat-Bazaar

Expressing happiness about this scheme, the villagers said that now the government itself has taken the responsibility of our health. Family members are also brought to the market place for health check-up. With regular clinics being set up in Haat-Bazar, the crowd has increased compared to earlier.

Clinic scheme no less than an angel

The villagers come to the weekly market to buy their daily use items. Where along with the purchase, they also get their health checked. Chief Minister’s Haat Bazar Clinic Scheme for remote areas is no less than an angel. From the month of August, health camps are organized in 89 hot markets of the district and medicines are provided free of cost after checking the health of the people.

Camp in Haat-Bazars

People living in rural areas had the biggest problem with health related services, here every day from malaria to other diseases engulf people. It was very difficult for pregnant women to come out of these areas and come to the hospital. In this scheme, health workers organize camps in haat-bazaars to treat people and also provide free medicines. Due to this, the villagers get their health tested and treated near the village itself.

Operation of clinics in 89 hot markets

Due to the Corona period, earlier clinics were being operated in 15 haat-bazaars of Mahasamund district, but now from the month of August, health check-up was done by organizing health camps in 89 haat markets, including the weekly haat markets in remote areas, under the Mukhyamantri Haat Bazar Clinic scheme. going.

registration of pregnant women

The purpose of this scheme is to provide health benefits, registration of pregnant women, pre-natal check-up and complete vaccination including BP, sugar, malaria, pathology test through test insect, eye test, prevention of premature death due to lack of awareness, To reduce maternal and child mortality rate, reduce malnutrition rate etc.

Benefits found in these places including Bagbahra

Chief Minister’s Haat Bazar Clinic camp is being conducted in all the Haat Bazars of Bagbahra, Pithora, Basna and Saraipali including Mahasamund development block. Health treatment is being done by organizing health camps in the weekly haat markets by doctors and para medical teams.

treatment in health camps

Malaria, Filariasis, TB, Diarrhea, Malnutrition, Anemia, Sickle Cell, Blood Pressure, Diabetes, as well as blood pressure, hemoglobin of pregnant women, pregnancy test is also being done in the health camps being organized in the market. Is.

proven profitable plan

Apart from this, skin diseases and H.I.V. Also checked. Earlier, due to lack of information and illiteracy, the villagers of the interior areas used to get their treatment done through exorcism from nearby Baiga-Guniya and Sirha. In the absence of proper treatment, he used to die. For the people of those remote rural areas, the Chief Minister’s Haat Bazar Clinic Scheme is now proving to be extremely beneficial.

The scheme was started on the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi

Chief Minister Haat-Bazar Clinic Scheme launched in the state of Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Mr. Bhupesh Baghel implemented this scheme in the entire state on the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi (02 October 2019) with the aim of providing better health facilities to the people. Don’t know how many such areas, how many villages are there in the difficult geographical conditions of many districts of the state, from where it was very difficult for the people to reach the district headquarters and come to the hospital for treatment.

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