Heavy negligence in medical college in MP: Blood of other blood group was given to 27-day-old innocent, CMHO said – will take action after investigation

Kumar Inder, Jabalpur. A serious case of negligence has come to light from Jabalpur Medical College. Where 27 days old innocent has been given blood of other blood group. The child’s blood group is AB positive, while he was given A positive blood, which is a big and serious negligence.

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According to the information received, the innocent was born in the Medical College on May 31, but he was very weak, due to which he needed blood. After which blood was given to the innocent on 7th June. On June 16, the innocent was referred from nursery to super specialty. The child’s father told that even after AB+ was written in the birth file, the hospital staff offered him A+ blood. The child’s family has come to the hospital from Bandar Kola Gram Panchayat of Bargi assembly.

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At the same time, after coming to the notice of the matter, CMHO Dr. Sanjay Sharma has asked the Dean to conduct an inquiry, and he also said that strict action will be taken against whoever is found guilty in this.

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Now if we talk about blood transfusion, then this work is done with great care, because it is very sensitive to properly test the blood and properly offer it to another person. If blood of other blood group is given to a person, it can prove to be fatal for that person. In such a situation, you yourself can understand how negligent it is to give blood of wrong blood group to a 27-day-old innocent.

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