Hema Malini Mom Jaya Chakravarthy Never Wanted Her Daughter To Work In Raj Kapoor This Film With Shashi Kapoor Here Is Why

Jaya Chakravarthy Influence On Her Daughter Hema Malini: Hema Malini was one of the best heroines of the 80s. The audience gave a lot of love to his pairing with Dharmendra. Hema Malini had shared the screen with every famous hero of that decade. Then what was it that Hema’s mother had reservations about working in a film with Shashi Kapoor?

Jaya Chakraborty did not want to let her daughter work with Shashi Kapoor
Raj Kapoor was an appreciator of Hema Malini’s beauty. In such a situation, he had kept a film in his box for Hema Malini. When Raj Kapoor approached Hema Malini with the script of this film, even before narrating the story of the film, he had told Hema Malini that this film is amazing, but I think you will not agree to do it.

Hema Malini’s mother Jaya Chakraborty was also sitting next to her. At that time he did not understand why Raj Kapoor was saying this for his own film. Raj Kapoor gave the intro of the film. He told that Shashi Kapoor will be in the main lead in the film. There will also be some adult scenes in the film with Shashi Kapoor.

This was the reason for rejecting Raj Kapoor’s film
Hema Malini herself had disclosed about this. According to Lehren Retro, Hema Malini told in an interview that- ‘Raj Kapoor came to me, he wanted me to do that film of his. He further said – this is such a film that you might not want to do it. I don’t think you would want to. But I would like you to do it. So my mother was sitting next to me and she said no, she will not do all this.

Friends, this was not any other film but a superhit film of that time which is still considered an iconic film – Satyam Shivam Sundaram. This film is considered as the legend film of Bollywood. From script to cinematography, this film has been considered brilliant from every technical angle. When Hema Malini had rejected this film, then beautiful Zeenat Aman came in Raj Kapoor’s mind. Zeenat, a very beautiful and bold actress of that time, showed boldness on the screen on the demand of Raj Kapoor.

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