Hema Sharma Reveals Actress Manhandled By Salman Khan Security Dabangg 3 Actress Humiliated In Front Of 100 People | Salman misbehaved with this actress of ‘Dabangg 3’ on the sets, said

Hema Sharma on Salman Khan: A shocking news has come to the fore regarding superstar Salman Khan. It is reported that actress Hema Sharma has made a disclosure about Salman Khan that she was misbehaved with by Salman Khan’s security. Hema Sharma has worked in Salman Khan’s home production for the film Dabangg 3.

Recalling that time, Hema Sharma told that she was humiliated only because she was trying hard to meet Salman Khan. The thing to note is that at that time Hema Sharma herself was working in Salman’s film. Although he did not share the screen with Salman in this film.

According to DNA, ‘I was working in Dabangg 3 with great pleasure. I had given my life for this film to the best of my ability. Because I also wanted to meet Salman sir. Earlier my scene was with Salmana sir. So I was very happy. I was also very thankful to God for this that I got this opportunity.

He further said- ‘But I became very sad, when the shooting was over, I wanted to meet Salman sir. During this, I requested many people to connect me with Salman. During this, I connected with many people and requested them to arrange a meeting with Salman. I must have asked around 50 people for a chance to meet Salman. I just wanted to meet him and get a photo clicked with Salman. During this I met Pandit Janardhan. He also came in Bigg Boss. He told Salmana that a girl wanted to meet him.

‘He assured me that he would definitely meet me, then we went to meet Salman sir. I cannot tell you how badly we were treated during that time. I was humiliated. I was treated like a dog. Is it just because I wanted a picture with Salman?

The actress told that she was treated like this in front of 100 people. There were many people among them who knew me personally. I could not sleep for 10 days due to this incident on the set. Just wanted to meet Salman and get a picture clicked with him. Salman was in vanity. He could have come out and handled the situation.

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