High speed havoc: Car rammed into Chowpatty shops, 3 people injured, driver absconding

Santosh Rajput, Shujalpur (Shajapur). The havoc of speeding in Madhya Pradesh is not taking the name of stopping. Accidents are happening every day due to speed. The latest incident is from Shujalpur area of ​​Shajapur district, where a speeding car entered uncontrollably between the shops of Chowpatty on the road in front of CM Rice Excellence School. 3 people were injured in this incident. Those who have been admitted to the hospital for treatment.

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The incident is of Mandi police station area, where a speeding Alto car without number plate went uncontrolled and entered the shops in front of CM Rice Excellence School. Hitting the cart of noodles, it hit three people having breakfast on the square, causing them to fall into the drain. A young man got badly stuck in the mud of the drain, which was rescued by the people standing around and saved his life. Two other youths also got hurt.

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In this regard, Head Constable of Mandi Police Station Ramdayal Srivastava said that all the three youths have been sent to City Civil Hospital for treatment. At the same time, the police have seized the collision vehicle. The driver of the car fled from the spot. Search for him is going on.

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