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Himesh Reshammiya Unknown Facts: First he showed his ‘style’ in the world of TV, then expressed his ‘Aashiqui’ and ‘Amar Prem’ towards production. However, luck did not favor him here and the ‘life’ of his dreams was lost. We are talking about famous music director Himesh Reshammiya, who knows the art of winning hearts with his songs. Born in Mumbai on July 23, 1973, Himesh has been in headlines for his personal life. In the birthday special, we are introducing you to Himesh’s love life.

Himesh married twice

Please tell that Himesh Reshammiya married a girl named Komal during 1995. They got divorced during 2017. Both also have a son. After this Himesh Reshammiya married Sonia Kapoor. You will be surprised to know that Sonia’s entry in Himesh’s life was because of his first wife Komal. Actually, Komal and Sonia were friends.

This is how Sonia came close to Himesh

According to the information, Sonia and Himesh’s family lived in the same building. By that time Sonia had worked in many TV shows and used to visit Himesh’s house. It was Komal who got Himesh and Sonia to meet. It is said that in 2006, Himesh and Sonia started dating each other. The affair of both continued for about 11 years, which Komal never realized.

22 years old marriage was broken in love

Himesh, infatuated with Sonia, took such a decision during 2017, which pulled the ground under Komal’s feet. Actually, after 22 years of marriage, Himesh got divorced from Komal. On this issue, Himesh had told in an interview that he and Komal had divorced with mutual consent. Both take care of their son together.

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