Hooliganism of Youth Congress leader! Illegal occupation of farmer’s land, threat to kill family, food giver in panic due to bullying, watch VIDEO

Bilaspur. A case of bullying by a farmer has come to the fore from the Chhattisgarh court. The Congress leader is threatening the farmer in the field. The farmer’s family is in panic due to the bullying of District City President of Youth Congress, Sheru Aslam. The family including the farmer has been threatened. Showing the glory of the post, the farmer has been threatened. The video of the youth leader’s threat is becoming increasingly viral. The private land of the farmer has been illegally encroached by claiming it as his own. The farmer family is a resident of Mopka. The farmer’s family is in panic due to the threat of the Congress leader.

The farmer family has complained to the collector. He said that my land has been illegally encroached by Aslam District President, Congress Committee resident, Madhya Nagari Chowk. Threatened to kill and abused on refusal.

The farmer said that I am Umendra Ram Sahu father Arjun resident of Mapka police station Sarkanda district Bilaspur Chhattisgarh that the land in my name and lordship agriculture land village Bhopka wearing Ranim Moka tehsil and district Bilaspur Chhattisgarh. khasra number 1857 is recorded in the land revenue record from rakba 0:2100, which by a person named Sheru Aslam along with his accomplices broke the meds of the land in my possession and khasra number 1555 and 1356 along with the land of khasra number 1357 have merged.

The farmers said that on protesting by me, a person named Sheru Aslam, who calls himself the district president of the Congress, got the land number 1555 and 1356 to be taxed and also reduced the land number 1357. On being asked by me, Khasra number 1357 is told by the person from whom the land has been bought till the registry paper is shown.

The farmer told that the above land is yours, show your paper in this regard and says that I will not show my paper, you can go wherever you want to do. I will occupy the land of Khatra No. 1357, because that too is mine, wherever you go, you will come back to me. No one can do anything to me. I am the district president of Congress. I have access to the top. If you love more than me, I will get you killed. I will get you up

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