How is the system taking life? Permit from the control room, yet the line is on, shortage of staff, no security kit, contract workers becoming scapegoats, read the inside story of 5 ‘deaths’

Purushottam Patra, Gariaband. At around 9 am, a mechanic takes the permit and climbs the pole. It was a matter of electricity, people had problems, the call came and the mechanic started connecting jumpers after taking the permit from the control room. An employee of the department started that line. There was neither a safety kit nor any rescue equipment in hand, the electricity came in a jolt and the mechanic was roasted in a moment. The mechanic died on the spot. There was a stir from the death. The negligence of the department was exposed, but the responsible ones were seen saving themselves. It is being told that there is a shortage of staff in the department, due to which the contract workers are becoming scapegoats. Till now, 5 contract workers in the area got caught in the cheek of time, but the attitude continues as it is.

What is the whole matter?

In fact, the power cut was announced from above in the Devbhog distribution center from 10 am to 5 pm. There was going to be a power failure for the whole day, but the haste of the contract worker brought him to the point of death. The jumper of 11 KV line was cut in Mooch Bahal, to connect which at around 8.50 am today, electrician Gajendra Manjhi climbed up with a permit from the control room by phone.

death by gross error

Due to the big lapse of returning the permit before the work was completed, current ran in 11 KV and Gajendra Manjhi died around 9 o’clock. After clinging to the current, he kept on suffering for some time. After the information of the incident, the assistant engineer of the department Yashwant Dhruv and Devbhog police reached the spot. After taking necessary action, the dead body was handed over to the relatives.

Station in-charge Gautam Gawde said that the route has been established. The matter will be investigated. On the other hand, Assistant Engineer Yashwant Dhruv said that prima facie in the case the mistake of the operator is visible in the control room. Necessary action will be taken after due investigation. The family of the deceased will also be given financial help under the provision of insurance.

Operator forgot Gajendra’s permit

According to the information received, Dipesh Rao, the authorized contract worker for Dhaurakot feeder, took the permit at 8.45 am for the rectification of the fault in the pole of Jharabahal. After finishing the work around 9 o’clock, Goswami Das Sandilya, sitting in the control room, was informed about the completion of the work.

At the same time, without the knowledge of Dipesh Rao, Gajendra Manjhi had climbed the pole to connect jumper in its feeder. The information about Gajendra’s fault rectification was only with the control room personnel, Gajendra was a gang member working in the Girshul feeder, due to which Dipesh was unaware of his location. Perhaps the control room worker forgot the work of Gajendra at the time of return of Dipesh Rao’s permit. A major accident took place while commissioning the line.

Staff shortage spoiled the permit protocol

Permit is an important part of the maintenance work by the Electricity Department, according to the fixed rule, the regular employee of the department has to obtain the permit (to stop the power supply) by making a written mention in the prescribed register in the control room. There is also a provision to return the permit after the written entry of completion of the work, but in view of the huge shortage of staff, there has been a lot of relaxation in following this rule. The accident was also the result of this laxity.

Gajendra Manjhi was an outsourced worker, the responsibility of the control room for giving permits is also a contract worker. The permit was given without any responsible and authorized personnel. Gajendra’s work in another feeder is also a matter of investigation.

More than 5 personnel lost their lives

Most of the workers on the job do not pay attention to the safety standards. Necessary material like discharge rod, hammock, safety belt, gloves were not used before climbing the pole. In the last 20 years, more than 5 personnel have lost their lives in different feeders during maintenance.

How many more lives will the system take away?

The same department DE Atul Tiwari had reached to investigate the matter. For 4 hours, the officer took the statement of 5 people related to the incident. Their investigation was focused on the accident, but till now there has been no discussion on the shortcomings that led to the accident, how and when it will be rectified. The big question is that after how many deaths due to deficiencies will they be compensated?

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