Hunter became hunted in CG: Attack to kill wild boar, fellow youth died due to bullet in the head, know the whole matter…

Sanjeev Sharma, Kondagaon. The hunting of wild boar became a burden for the villagers. A young man has died after being shot while hunting a pig. On the other hand, as soon as the information about the incident was received, the accused was arrested. Along with this, a loaded gun was also seized from the accused.

Let us tell you that the whole matter pertains to Girgoli village of Kondagaon district. Where the villagers of the village had gone out to the forest to hunt wild boar. For hunting, 2 people had also kept a lot of guns with them. On the other hand, when the wild boar was chased away from one side, the villager holding a gun on the other side fired at the wild boar, due to which the pig did not get shot. But it hit the head of the villager coming from the front. At the same time, after being shot, the villagers took the injured villager to the nearest hospital, who was declared dead during treatment by the doctors.

Keshkal station in-charge Vinod Sahu said, the entire matter is being investigated. The villager died due to a bullet injury on his head. Postmortem of the dead body was done and handed over to the relatives. The accused has been arrested. Along with this, a loaded gun has also been seized from the accused.

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