Illegal excavation on the land of cremation ground and pasture: the ditch built on the Gothan bank is inviting the accident, the villagers accused the sarpanch of selling murum and soil

Tukeshwar Lodhi, Arang. Illegal mining of Murum and soil is going on indiscriminately in the area. The mineral mafia has not even spared the cremation ground of the village and the pasture land in Gothan built under the state government’s ambitious scheme Narwa-Garwa-Ghurwa-Badi. Illegal murum and soil are being extracted here by digging with JCB. Due to this, a gap of 15 to 20 feet has been formed here. This whole matter pertains to Gram Panchayat Akolikhurd (Pandhi) of Arang District Panchayat area. This Panchayat comes under Abhanpur Vidhansabha.

The government was defrauded of lakhs of rupees

The villagers of Gram Panchayat Akolikhurd have accused the sarpanch of complicity. The villagers told that Khasra numbers 501, 502, 503 are included for disposal in Gram Panchayat Akoli Khurd. At this place, the government had prepared a pillar-facing wire fence by spending lakhs of rupees for Gauthan pasture, which was broken by the village sarpanch, after getting murum and soil illegally excavated, selling it to big contractors and plotters, the government has been cheated of lakhs of rupees. And filling his pocket.

Trees destroyed by illegal digging

According to the villagers, from saplings to Napier grass, the trees planted in the pasture have been destroyed by digging. About 15 to 20 feet deep ditch has been formed on the banks of Gothan, due to which a big accident can happen anytime. In this matter, Sarpanch Dharam Tandon of Gram Panchayat Akolikhurd refused to say anything.

Answer has been sought from Sarpanch: SDM

In this case, Arang SDM Atul Vishwakarma told that Arang Tehsildar has issued a notice to the Gram Panchayat seeking an answer on the excavation from the government land. If the answer is not satisfactory, action will be taken as per rules.

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