IMA organized Yoga Day

International Yoga Day 2023: Yoga Day was organized by the Indian Medical Association Raipur Branch at Atal Udyan, Pachpedi Naka Raipur this morning on the occasion of 9th International Yoga Day. Doctors and citizens of more than 50 different disciplines were present in this event. In this event, yoga teacher Jitesh Patel gave information about various yoga and pranayama to the present members.

Founder of Sanjivani Cancer Care Foundation and Senior Cancer Surgeon Dr. Yusuf Memon explained in detail about yoga and its beneficial effects on health in the best possible way. Yoga instructor Jitesh Patel conducted yoga exercises, followed by various therapies. The favorable effects of yoga were explained by the experts.

Senior cardiologists Dr. Javed Ali, Dr. Satish Suryavanshi and Dr. Smith Srivastava gave information about yoga and its effects on the heart. Dr. Manoj Lahoti and Dr. Vivek Kesarwani gave information about the effects of yoga on stomach and abdominal diseases. Cancer Expert Dr Bhawna Sirohi gave an impressive view on the importance of yoga in cancer treatment, prevention and recurrence.

Indian Medical Association Raipur President Dr. Rakesh Gupta, Secretary Dr. Digvijay Singh, and former President Dr. Vikas Agarwal made the citizens present in the program aware about the important role of Yoga in our health. Dr. Shyam Sharma, Dr. Sunil Khemka and Dr. Devendra Nayak told that yoga can improve your overall health level.

Dr. Manoj Chilani, , Dr. Anoop Verma (Former President of IMA and Paediatrician), Dr. Tarun Mishra (Endocrinologist) said that Yoga can not only improve your physical vigor, flexibility, and energy, but also bring relief from mental stress, peace, and balance in your daily routine. Holistic can improve fitness.

Tapani Ghosh (Facility Director NHMMI), Dr. Kedar Agarwal and Dr. Satish Rathi told that practicing yoga can also help with certain conditions like anxiety/stress, back pain, depression.

The program was conducted by Dr. Yusuf Memon. Yoga instructors Mr. Jitesh Patel and Kiran Patel were honored by Dr. Rakesh Gupta, President of the Indian Medical Association Raipur and Dr. Digvijay Singh, Secretary. The vote of thanks was done by Dr. Vikas Agarwal, former president of Raipur branch. Went.

He expressed his gratitude to all the present doctor members, Sanjeevani Cancer Foundation and all the present citizens for making this program a success. All the committee members, citizens and colony residents in the maintenance of Atal Udyan located at Pachpedi Naka behind Ramakrishna Hospital. The effort was appreciated. The contribution of Wallfort Colony residents in the maintenance of the garden is praiseworthy and noteworthy. This social contribution is an example for the citizens of Raipur city.

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