In retaliation, Sisodia said- I have heard that you had taken a huge commission in the first installment of the metro train.

fold. Political rhetoric has started as soon as the Madhya Pradesh assembly elections come closer. Corruption and commission are being made an issue. Meanwhile, Congress MLA from Raghogarh and former minister Jayawardhan Singh has accused Panchayat Minister Mahendra Singh Sisodia of taking bribe without naming him. Jayawardhan said that the ministers here also take bribe in the work of MNREGA. On which Minister Mahendra Singh Sisodia retorted and said that Jaivardhan Singh, you will remember that when the metro train came in Madhya Pradesh, three thousand crore rupees were received as the first instalment. I have heard that you took a huge commission in that.

Jaivardhan Singh’s allegation

In fact, Jayawardhan Singh had participated in the youth dialogue program organized in Guna on Sunday. Here he accused the Panchayat minister in gestures. He said that we need such ministers in the state, who work without any transaction. Today you all know the situation of Guna better than me. Panchayat works are being met from Bhopal. Send the envelope and bring the work. Today this has become the condition of the entire state. He accused the Panchayat minister of taking bribe in MNREGA.

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Minister Sisodia’s counterattack

Now Panchayat Minister Mahendra Singh Sisodia countering the allegations said that the Congress has nothing left but to make false allegations. I used to think that Jayawardhan Singh ji must have attained maturity in all these years, but he is ignorant. They do not know that in which amount, in which item, how it is allocated. Earlier in the by-elections, they used to allege that we were sold and left the party after being sold, now they are alleging that we do commission work. When you were a minister in the Congress government and metro trains came, then the first installment of 3000 crores came. Then I had heard that you have taken a huge commission in it.

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