In the blink of an eye, the structure of the bridge under construction was washed away in the river in CG, see VIDEO

Durg. For the last few years, bridge construction work is going on at Sangam Sagni Ghat, the confluence of Shivnath river, Amer and Nankatti Nala, connecting Dhamdha and Ahiwara assembly. A structure was erected here to build a bridge, which got washed away in the very first rain. According to the information, the construction of this bridge was yet to be done. But the work is going very slow. It is being told that Rs 16.40 crore has been approved for this 400 meter long bridge.

By climbing on top of this 400 meter long bridge built over the river, people reach to see the flood water of Shivnath river. Neither any railing nor any security arrangements have been made in the bridge so far. At the same time, due to non-availability of guards on the site, people are climbing over the bridge risking their lives.

According to the contract with PWD, the contractor was to start the construction of this bridge on 11 November 2020 and complete it in 16 months by 11 April 2022. But the contractor delayed the construction and the bridge has not been completed even 70 percent till June 2023.

Watch the video-

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