India Rural Colloqui was organized on the challenges of rural poverty and inequality, experts gave suggestions

Raipur. Pandit Ravi Shankar Shukla University Raipur (PRSU) and Transforming Rural India Foundation (TRIF) organized the India Rural Seminar. In which the challenges of rural poverty and inequality were discussed by senior state officials, entrepreneurs, social workers, experts and social organizations. So far the discussion has been done highlighting the development of rural areas and how the society can contribute in it. Along with this, a seminar was organized on problems related to rural areas and obstacles in development.

Let us inform that this seminar was organized in Chhattisgarh to mark the journey from sustainable development to revitalized development. Rural Development and Panchayat Secretary R Prasanna also reached this seminar organized by Chhattisgarh government. He said that now how rural development can have a positive impact and how people can be benefited in it is being discussed. MNREGA Commissioner Rajat Bansal and other social workers and entrepreneurs were present in the program to attend the seminar.

A booklet based on the success of women under the Lakhpati Didi scheme of the State Rural Livelihood Mission (BIHAN) and a Millets recipe book prepared by Raigad Millets Cafe were also released in the colloqui. Deputy Chairman of Chhattisgarh State Planning Commission Ajay Singh, Vice Chancellor of Pandit Ravi Shankar Shukla University Dr. Sachchidanand Shukla, Director of Chhattisgarh State Rural Livelihoods Padmini Bhoi Sahu and Managing Director of Transforming Rural India Foundation Anish Kumar inaugurated the colloquia by lighting the lamp.

Addressing the inaugural session, Vice Chairman of Chhattisgarh State Planning Commission Ajay Singh said that ‘India Rural Colloqui’ is being organized for the first time in Chhattisgarh at the regional level. This will give real and correct information for planning at the national level. The information obtained on the basis of local thinking and challenges will prove useful in the formulation of plans. He said that India has emerged as the 5th largest economy in its journey of 75 years.

Padmini Bhoi Sahu, director of the State Rural Livelihood Mission, expressed her views on the role of women in the society and the change in it. He said that it is a challenge to get women out of their homes to make them financially independent. This work can be done through support, motivation and group discussion. In Chhattisgarh, there has been a positive change in the lives of a large number of women by joining women-centric schemes like Gauthan, Ripa, Bihaan and their standard of living is rising. Dr. Sachchidanand Shukla, Vice-Chancellor of Pandit Ravishankar Shukla University, said in his video message that the purpose of this colloqui is to take the benefits of the market to the last person of the society through the government. The conclusions drawn after today’s discussion will help in making plans for the backward classes.

Today, the first session of the day-long colloquia was centered on the theme ‘Sapno Ka Samundar’ (Deep Drive into Dreams). In this, youths, people’s representatives, Bihaan didis and rural families from remote rural areas of the state talked about their lives, struggles, challenges and dreams. He also presented a picture of changing Chhattisgarh. Social worker and senior program manager Dr. Manjit Kaur Bal said in the discussion in this session that dreams will be fulfilled with opportunity and cooperation. It is everyone’s responsibility to complete the system and technology.

In the second session of the Colloqui on ‘Regenerative Development’, Secretary, Panchayat and Rural Development Department, Prasanna R. Said that we have to move towards development keeping in mind the global changes. The cooperation of the community is also necessary in this. While making plans, we have to go one step ahead of sustainable development and think through regenerative approach for positive change. With this thought, the forest area in Chhattisgarh has increased in the era of de-forestation. There has been a rapid reduction in multidimensional poverty here. State MNREGA Commissioner Mr. Rajat Bansal, Anantika of Hindustan Unilever Foundation and film actress and social worker Ms. Rajshree Deshpande also presented their views in this session.

In the third session of the Colloqui on ‘Complementary Role of Society-Government-Market in Rural Development’, Agricultural Production Commissioner Dr. Kamalpreet Singh told the need to work on empowering the producers to effectively market their products to get proper market in view of the rapid changes taking place in the field of agriculture. Renowned social worker Dr. Shankar Dutta and economist Dr. Ravindra Kumar Brahme also emphasized on fair market practices, empowering rural producers and adoption of digital commerce. He said that these can prove to be important steps towards a more inclusive and prosperous future for the villages. Writer Sanjeev Phansalkar also presented his views in this session.

The last session of the Colloqui focused on ‘Rebuilding the Village – Role of Caste and Occupational Change on Inter-Generational Progression from Structural Constraints’. Adviser to the Chief Minister Pradeep Sharma said in the session that efforts to break down caste-based occupational restrictions and challenge traditional barriers to social mobility are necessary steps towards promoting a more inclusive and just society. The “Mahatma Gandhi Rural Industrial Park” of Chhattisgarh government is a positive step in this direction. Dr. Vibha Gupta of Magan Memorial Wardha said that the villagers should not depend on the market but make their own essential things. The farmer should prepare the seeds himself, should use the manure made by himself. Our new village should be a self-sufficient village. Anish Kumar, Managing Director, Transforming Rural India Foundation, underlines how division of labor has actually transformed into division of labour.

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