Indore News: Lab machine of medical colleges in private hands, industrialist troubled by power tripping, professor arrested in paper leak case, big theft at BJP Yuva Morcha leader’s house

Hemant Sharma, Indore. Lab machines of 13 medical colleges including Madhya Pradesh’s financial capital Indore and Bhopal have been handed over to private hands. By handing over lab machines to private hands, the rates of testing will increase. The contract has been awarded to a group of 3 companies, including Highway Interest Picture Sign Board Electricity Pole maker Arneel Technocraft. Two computer operators, one supervisor will maintain the machine in each shift. Everyday more than 20 thousand patients come for treatment in the government medical colleges of the state.

Number of passengers increased in semi high speed train Vande Bharat

The number of passengers in Vande Bharat, the first semi-high speed train that started a week ago between Indore-Bhopal, has increased. On the first day, 92 passengers left for Bhopal from Indore in this train. On the seventh day, 213 people traveled from Indore to Bhopal. On July 3, 203 passengers in chair car seats, 10 passengers in exclusive class traveled till Bhopal.

Big businessmen upset due to power tripping

Industrialists of Indore city are troubled by electricity tripping. Machines and production getting affected due to power tripping. Industrialists are suffering losses due to power tripping of Rs 25 to 30 lakhs per day. Many old transformers in industrial estates are prone to power tripping. The industrialists have complained about the whole matter to Amit Tomar, MD, West Zone Power Distribution Company.

Paper leaking professor arrested

The police arrested the professor who leaked the first year examination paper of Devi Ahilya University. The professor had made viral the photos of the papers on Business Regulatory Framework and Business Organization and Communication before the exam. The crime branch has arrested Tilak Nagar, a resident of Bhuvanesh Panwar, by investigating different social media accounts. More than 20 thousand students were affected due to the paper being out. DAVV First Year examination to be held from 10th May 2013 was at Radiant College, a center where Bhuvanesh was on duty and he has misused the duty.

BJP Yuva Morcha leader’s house stolen

Thieves have targeted the house of former BJP Yuva Morcha district president Sajjan Singh Kushwaha. Thieves took away 10 lakh cash, half kg gold and goods worth 60 lakh from the house. Lasudia Police has identified 3 suspects on the basis of CCTV footage. The police have registered a case of theft and started searching for the accused.

Bulldozer run on illegal construction of listed scoundrel

In Indore, the house of the listed miscreant of Khajrana police station area has been bulldozed by the Municipal Corporation. Khajrana’s listed scoundrel Bhim Yadav is registered in more than 10 cases on this. Due to his terror, there is an atmosphere of panic in the area. The police handed over the list of illegal constructions of Bhim Yadav to the Indore Municipal Corporation and the corporation has bulldozed the illegal constructions.

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