Innocent son made mother’s killer, sentenced to life imprisonment, read shameful act of police

Kumar Inder, Jabalpur. A shameful act of the Anuppur police has come to light in the Jabalpur High Court of Madhya Pradesh. During the ongoing hearing in the High Court regarding a case, it has come to the fore that the police tried to prove an innocent son as the murderer of his own mother in order to vent their anger. After getting to the bottom of the matter, the High Court has not only stayed the life imprisonment of the youth made accused by the Anuppur police, but has also raised questions on the action of the Anuppur police.

In fact, Sudama Singh, who was in jail for 4 years, had filed a petition in the High Court. In which it was said by him that the Jaithari police of Anuppur district conspired and implicated him on the false charge of killing his own mother. Hearing on which, when the High Court got the matter investigated, there were very shocking revelations. In the investigation, it has come to know that in 2018, on the charge of killing Sudama Singh’s mother, the police proved his son Sudama Singh as the murderer to get rid of his blood.

such a conspiracy

Not only this, it has also been revealed in the investigation that the police plucked the hair of the accused Sudama Singh and stuck it in the hands of the deceased in order to collect false evidence on the spot. Similarly, to prove this false case true, the police collected all the evidence and witnesses and presented it in the district court of Anuppur. After which the district court convicted Sudama Singh as a murderer and sentenced him to life imprisonment.

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The murder of the victim’s mother has not yet been revealed

In this whole case, the real reason behind the murder of the victim Sudama Singh’s mother has not been revealed yet, while the police implicated the victim Sudama Singh on the charge of killing his mother and said that Sudama Singh killed his mother. Was murdered in the apprehension of having an illegal relationship with someone else.

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The High Court expressed surprise over the decision of the lower court with the police

While hearing the matter, the High Court raised questions on the functioning of the police and said that the police prepared forged documents with great conspiracy and ruined the life of an innocent. At the same time, while commenting on the decision of the district court, the court said that the lower court should listen seriously to such case. Gotta get to the bottom of it. Only after that such decisions should be pronounced.

what was the fuss about

Let us tell you that Sudama Singh was accused of attacking the police during a protest against 1 power plant in Anuppur district a few years ago. To get rid of this, the police hatched this whole conspiracy and proved an innocent man to be a murderer. after which

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