International Yoga Day 2023 5 Months Pregnant Aashka Goradia Did Prenatal Yoga Share Video

International Yoga Day 2023: A few months ago, Aashka Goradia had announced her pregnancy with her husband Brent Goble. The due date of the actress is in November. At present, Diva is taking full care of herself. At the same time, yoga lover Aashka Goradia is continuing her workout sessions to stay healthy even during her pregnancy period. Today, when Yoga Day is being celebrated all over the world, Aashka has also shared a video of doing yoga during pregnancy on Instagram. Along with this, the actress has also talked about her 18 weeks of pregnancy.

Aashka Goradia did prenatal yoga
Aashka Goradia is 5 months pregnant and even during this she is doing yoga fiercely. In her latest video, she is seen doing prenatal yoga. The interesting thing is that during this time her husband and trend yoga instructor in Goa Brent Goble is giving her full support. In the video, Aashka Goradia can be seen doing back bends, forward bends, push ups and more. Brent Goble is standing with her like a pillar of strength, while Aashka, along with posting the video, has also written a praiseworthy post for her husband’s support.

Aashka wrote an appreciative post for her husband
In the post, Aashka has written that he is her guide and her presence gives him immense comfort. She further wrote, “Through gentle stretches, soothing breathwork and mindful movements of prenatal yoga, I connect with the changes happening in my body and the miracle growing inside me. My husband has been very supportive in this journey. Aashka While thanking, it is written, “I am very lucky that my husband Brent is with me in this difficult time to love me. On the other hand, fans are showering love on this post of Aashka.”

Aashka is promoting prenatal yoga
Please tell that Aashka Goradia is promoting prenatal yoga (prenatal yoga) and is inspiring other women to do the same. Earlier, the actress shared a video of her doing Suryanamaskar with the help of her husband Brent Goble. He is really an inspiration.

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