International Yoga Day 2023 5 Yoga Poses Of Shilpa Shetty To Remain Fit And Young

International Yoga Day 2023: From acting, writing, fitness to fashion, there is nothing that Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty cannot do. Shilpa is very conscious about her fitness and also takes special care of her diet. She loves to do yoga and she also teaches yoga to others through her Instagram videos and also tells them to do yoga daily.

Looking at Shilpa, it does not seem that she has turned 48 years old. Even at this age, she can beat young girls. On the occasion of International Yoga Day, let’s know about those 5 Yogasanas, by doing which Shilpa keeps herself so fit and fine and you too can look young like her by following them.

1. Prasarita Padottasana Pratiroopam

This yoga improves the posture of the body because this asana stretches and strengthens the spinal cord. With its regular practice, your stomach can reduce, the body remains straight and the spine straight.

2. Lateral Bakasana

Shilpa Shetty also likes this posture very much. With this asana, the wrist gets stretched, shoulders, hands get strong, due to which the balance is good. This increases self-confidence, patience and resilience.

3. Upward facing posture

Shilpa Shetty does this asana to keep the upper body strong. Posting a video of this yoga on Instagram, he wrote the caption – “Some days we are full of energy, some days we can feel lazy. It doesn’t matter that someday you will have to spend time running around, someday you may have to sit at a desk continuously. Always remember to stretch your whole body in the morning. For this I prefer to do Urdhva Mukha Pasasana. This asana helps in relieving the tension of the upper and middle back. It also relieves pain and stiffness of the upper back, cervical, shoulders and rotator calf muscles. In addition, stretching the legs to the side also improves the flexibility of the hip joint, pelvic and adductor muscles. By doing this asana, one can remain stress-free throughout the day.

4. Dynamic Single Leg Ustrasana

Talking about this asana, Shilpa wrote in her Instagram video – This asana is very good for toning the oblique muscles. The oblique muscles connect our ribs to the pelvic bone and are the largest abdominal muscles. It increases the strength and flexibility of the back. In the morning our body is lethargic and the muscles are also stiff many times. In such a situation, this asana gives a good stretch to the body.

5. Virabhadrasana – Bandha Virabhadrasana – Prasarita Padottanasana

Shilpa has got many benefits by doing Virabhadrasana, Baddha Virabhadrasana and Prasarita Padottanasana. This benefits their nervous system and stomach, while it also opens the liver and chest. Along with this, stretching of the shoulders, arms, legs, back, neck is also done.

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