Investigation committee will submit report in Satpura building fire case: fire and negligence will be revealed, documents left in the building will be removed today

Shabbir Ahmed, Bhopal. The inquiry committee will submit its report today in the Satpura Bhavan arson case located in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. The team constituted to investigate the fire in Satpura building could not submit the report in three days. Forensic investigation report was cited as pending.

Today at 2 pm on Monday, the inquiry committee will give its report to the state government. The reason for the fire and the reasons for negligence will be revealed in the report. In fact, last week on June 12, a fire broke out in the third floor of the Satpura building. After which the inquiry committee was formed under the chairmanship of ACS Home Rajesh Rajoura.

Lessons from Satpura Bhavan fire: Now Mantralaya and Vindhyachal Bhawan will have fire audit, Higher Education Department has given instructions to audit all university-hostels as well

And from today the work of extracting the remaining documents will be done in Satpura Bhawan. It was told that the documents kept in the iron cabinets are safe. Even the paper kept in a room with cement walls was not harmed. About 50 percent of the records have survived the burning.

Satpura Bhavan will be demolished! The building had become a furnace due to fire, the glass melted, along with the walls left plaster, the Home Minister said this about dismantling

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