Ishant Sharma Named Umran Malik Arshdeep Singh And Mukesh Kumar Three Fast Bowlers That Can Be Indian’s Future

Ishant Sharma On Indian Future Bowlers Indian team’s star fast bowler Ishant Sharma has been running out of the team for the last almost 2 years. Ishant was seen playing in IPL 16 played this year, in which he performed well. On the other hand, talking about fast bowlers in Team India, many young bowlers have been given a chance for the West Indies tour in July. Meanwhile, Ishant Sharma told about those 3 Indian fast bowlers, who can become future superstars if given the right guidance.

Ishant Sharma talked about this on the YouTube channel ‘BeerBiceps’. The Indian fast bowler said, “Umran Malik has the ability to do well for the country for a long time if you work with him properly. Arshdeep Singh is the second fast bowler in this. At the same time, Ishant Sharma chose Mukesh Kumar of Delhi Capitals as the third bowler. Ishant Sharma also played for Delhi in IPL 2023.

Need right guidance: Ishant Sharma

Talking about Mukesh, Ishant Sharma said, “Many people do not know his story, but I have never seen such a simple person like him. If you ask him to bowl a particular ball, he only bowls that ball. He needs the right guidance on the field, so that he can know which ball to bowl in a pressure situation.

Ishant Sharma told why he proved expensive in the last IPL. Mukesh Kumar took only 7 wickets in 10 matches of IPL 2023, spending more than 10 runs in the economy. To this Ishant said, “The runs scored against him in IPL because he bowled tough overs. No one sees in what conditions he bowled or in front of which batsman he bowled. Everyone just saw that he gave 50 runs in 4 overs.

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