Ismail Ghafoor became the Mutavalli of Maudhapara Masjid, the decision was taken by slip in the struggle of thorns…

Raipur. Ismail Ghafoor won the election for Mutavalli in Maudhapara Masjid located in the capital Raipur. In this important election, after Ismail Ghafoor and Rajju Bhai got equal number of votes, the slip was drawn, in which the decision was taken in favor of Ismail Ghafoor.

According to the information, five candidates were in the fray in the election of Mutavalli of the biggest mosque of the capital. A total of 1298 votes were cast in the election, out of which Ismail Ghafoor and Rajju Bhai got 480-480 votes. After getting equal votes, it was decided to draw the slips. A slip in the name of Ismail Ghafoor came out in it.

Let us inform that the prestigious election of Mutavalli of Maudhapara Masjid is watched by the entire Muslim community. Prior to this, Mohammad Salim Ashrafi was the mutawalli of the mosque for a long time.

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