Jabalpur News: Two smugglers arrested with 47 cases of liquor, here the fake police blackmailed the hotel owner, showing fear of this, asked for 1 lakh

Kumar Inder, Jabalpur. Khamaria police station of Jabalpur district of Madhya Pradesh has caught a vehicle without number plate. Due to which liquor was being smuggled. Here, posing as fake police, the accused were blackmailing the owner of Hotel Royal Marriage Garden and demanding money.

Vehicle seized with 423 liters of liquor

Taking action on Friday, the Khamaria police station of the district caught a safari vehicle without a number plate, which was smuggling liquor. While catching the smugglers, the smugglers were trying to run away by hitting the police vehicle. The driver fled after dodging for a long distance. After which the police nabbed two smugglers and seized the vehicle along with 423 liters of liquor kept in 47 boxes. By registering a case against the caught smugglers, the police is interrogating them. At the same time, the search for the main accused is also going on. It is being ascertained from where such a huge consignment of liquor was brought and where it was to be consumed.

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Blackmail to the hotel owner

Here, a case of blackmailing the owner of Hotel Royal Marriage Garden under Madhatal police station by posing as a fake policeman has come to light. In fact, the accused had entered the hotel posing as fake policemen and were blackmailing them by photographing the register. Whose complaint has been made by the owner of the marriage garden to the police. The accused were demanding Rs one lakh from the owner by threatening to make public the details of the boys and girls registered in the register. At the same time, efforts were being made to blackmail the boys and girls coming secretly to the hotel by calling them. Based on the complaint of the hotel owner, the police have registered a case against the accused and started searching for them.

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