Jail Sasural, Maut Mehbooba and Hathkadi Hamara Jewar: Reel posted inside the police station, criminals seen openly challenging the police, video viral

Hemant Sharma, Indore. A video is going viral for the last two days in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. In which some miscreants are seen openly challenging the Indore police. Actually, the miscreants made a reel inside the police station and posted it on social media, which is becoming increasingly viral. This video is being told of Annapurna police station.

The miscreants made a video sitting inside the lock-up and inserted a voiceover in it. In which it is being said that ‘Tomorrow, the date of Fard-e-Jurm has been given to me too… No problem… Our in-laws’ jail… Our beloved’s death… Hathkari our jewelry…’ The criminals shared this reel on Instagram.

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In this whole case, Additional DCP Abhinav Vishwakarma told that Annapurna is a listed scoundrel of the police station area, who made the video sitting inside the police station. The police have started questioning three of these accused in custody as to when this video is from.

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However, by posting this video, the accused have given a strong slap on the face of the police. The miscreants ended the fear of the police. Seeing this video, the morale of the miscreants of Indore city seems to be getting higher.

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