Jaswir Kaur Role Chopped And Turned Star Plus Show On Another Track After Anupamaa Actor Nitesh Pandey Death Know Details

Anupamaa ShowTrack Changed After Nitesh Pandey Death: Jasveer Kaur Anupama was seen in the show. Jasveer was playing the role of Devika in Rupali Ganguly’s show. But these days Jasveer seems to be missing from the show. Jasveer has not appeared in the show since Nitesh Pandey passed away. His co-actor Nitesh Pandey died on 23 May. After the death of the actor, Jasveer also shared a picture of herself with Nitesh, in which she was seen missing the actor. In her post, she had said that she is missing working with Nitesh a lot.

What did Anupama show actress Jasveer Kaur say?

According to TOI’s report, the actress told that Jasveer told about her track in Anupama show that she has no idea whether she will return to the show and whether her track will work or not. He told- Three months ago I shot for the show Anupama. When Anuj leaves the Kapadia house and goes to Mumbai, that was my last track.

Devika was to be married in Anupama?

He further said- ‘In that track, Nitesh and my character were being united, both were to be married. But suddenly Nitesh’s death stopped everything. Later the track of the show was changed. My track was put on hold. They don’t even know that another actor was approached for Nitesh’s character. For this also they have no knowledge.

The actress said- ‘I hope that my track is revived again in the Anupama show. At the moment I have no idea whether my track will come again in the show or not. Surely the production team will have a better plan. Because Devika has a very important role in the show.

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