JD office reached CM Baghel

Purushottam character, Gariaband. The matter of promotion of JD’s office teacher in Chhattisgarh’s Gariaband has now reached Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel. Big action can now take place in the game of disturbances in the name of amendment. Gariaband District Panchayat Vice President Sanjay Netam met Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel and made a written complaint about the disturbances made in the name of amendment after teacher promotion. Netam told the CM along with the documents that teachers were required in Gariaband district to improve education, but a big game was played. The CM has assured action.

collusion of heavy transactions

In fact, as per the demand, an order was issued to post the promoted teachers in vacant positions. Get the order amended before the promoted teachers join. For this, an organized gang in connivance with the JD office carried out huge transactions.

There will be big revelations in the investigation of documents

Sanjay told that by keeping in mind all the guidelines fixed for promotion, the teachers got the place of their choice. Sanjay said that if all the documents made the basis for the amendment are examined, many shocking cases will come to the fore. Even after the transfer, the then JD remained in his chair.

Big action may happen soon

It is being said that this disturbance has been carried out in connivance with a subordinate woman officer. Due to this act of teachers and officers, many schools in tribal areas have become without a teacher and teacher even today. After listening seriously to the District Panchayat Vice President, the CM has assured early investigation and concrete action in the matter.

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