Job cards became pocket cards: the family of the former president of the district panchayat became MNREGA workers, paying huge amounts without work in the name of wages

Aqib Khan, Hata (Damoh). The condition of the MNREGA scheme (MGNREGA Yojana), which is being run to provide employment to the poor, is strange in the Hatta area of ​​Damoh. With the connivance of BJP’s former district panchayat president and officials, the job cards of MNREGA have now become pocket cards. In fact, the family of Shivcharan Patel, former president of the district panchayat, became laborers in public papers. By making fake job cards, a huge amount is being pocketed in the name of wages without doing any work.

The case pertains to Barkheda Kalar, the home village of BJP leader and former district panchayat president Shivcharan Patel. Where a unique case has come to the fore. Whose name is bungalow car and property worth lakhs of rupees. He is doing paper wages in MNREGA. At the same time, the real poor laborers are migrating to the metropolitan cities for two-time bread.

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You must have seen and heard many cases of corruption in government affairs, but the family of Dhuma village resident of Hata BJP leader and former district panchayat president Shivcharan Patel’s family is working as a laborer in Barkheda Kalar. Actually, the boundary wall of Shanti Dham is being constructed under employment guarantee item at Barkheda Kalar of Devragadi Gram Panchayat. In which complaints of irregularities and corruption were being received continuously.

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When the complaint was investigated, there was a big disclosure. Among the laborers who constructed the boundary wall, there are names of such laborers who are studying in the college and the surprising thing is that the money of the laborers is being transferred to the bank accounts of former district panchayat president’s daughter Anasuiya, granddaughter Divya and son-in-law Ramdas Patel. Job cards in their names are definitely available on the portal.

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Congress leaders have also made serious allegations after the BJP leader’s recent reality came to the fore. Senior Congress leader Pradeep Khatik said that the BJP government is a government of scams and scams. He is expert in cheating. In such a situation, corruption is being done by forming a gang. In which removed BJP MLA PL Tantuway, former district panchayat president Shivcharan Patel and some runaway leaders from Congress are included. They are looting by forming gangs and the administrative officers are keeping their eyes closed.

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