Jokes in Vidhansabha: Chandrakar first Lakhma then told CM ‘I love you’, CM said- Chandrakar ji’s choice has changed, Vora quipped, said- In this age…

Raipur. The echo of ‘I love you’ was heard during the proceedings in the assembly on Thursday. BJP MLA Ajay Chandrakar first said ‘I love you’ to Kawasi Lakhma and then to CM Baghel on reaching the house. Chief Minister Baghel said that Ajay ji’s choice has changed. Taking a jibe at this, Arun Vora said that at this age. On this, the members in the house laughed loudly.

As soon as the assembly started today, BJP MLA Ajay Chandrakar said ‘I love you’ to Kawasi Lakhma, then the house started laughing. After some time Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel reached, then the President Dr. Charandas Mahant mentioned it. On this, Ajay Chandrakar also said ‘I love you’ to the Chief Minister.

Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel said on this that Ajay Chandrakar was praising my face yesterday. Today I am saying I love you to Lakhma. Ajay ji’s choice has changed. BJP MLA Punnulal Mohile asked who is called I love you. Speaker Dr. Charan Das Mahant said that Punnulal Mohile is an expert of ‘I love you’.

On this, Congress MLA Arun Vora said that Ajay Chandrakar’s I love you is not the age to speak. What will we do if he says I love you at this age? On this Ajay Chandrakar said that your mind is full of obscenity. Arun Vora objected to this. You can say I love you to anyone. With love, even a dog is called I love you.

During this discussion, Assembly Speaker Charandas Mahant told Ajay Chandrakar that today you seem satisfied, but got excited when the Chief Minister arrived. After this, Brijmohan Agarwal asked a question to Urban Administration Minister Shiv Dahria. Meanwhile, the speaker asked the minister, have you come late in the house today? He said that Ajay Chandrakar has said I love you today. On this, Shiv Dahria said that I love you, not me, but told the dog. There was laughter in the house on this too.

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