JP Nadda said in Khargone – keep in mind Kamal Nath stayed and Shivraj kept going, close the chapter of Congress in November

Bhopal / Khargone. Due to the election year, the national leaders of BJP are throwing full force in Madhya Pradesh. On Friday, the party’s national president JP Nadda did the first roadshow regarding Mission 2023 in Khargone. After this addressed a huge public meeting at Navagraha Mela ground. During this, while attacking the Congress, he said that the Congress government had come to the state in between, then it had stopped the Ganga of development. Many schemes were closed. Kamal Nath had removed the chapter of Kargil from the books of the state. This is an insult to the army. Close the chapter of Congress in November.

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JP Nadda said that the governments of the central and state government are historical. Both are pro-active governments. Crores of families benefited from the Ayushman scheme. He said, earlier an Indira Awaas was given in a panchayat. But in the last 9 years, we have completed the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana by building 4 crore houses.

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Tight taunt on Rahul Gandhi

JP Nadda said that Rahul Gandhi is less educated, he speaks abroad that democracy is in danger. Rahul Gandhi’s grandmother had imposed emergency and put people in jail. Today, when PM Modi goes abroad, it is not a national honor but also a state visit. Today there is a discussion with foreign countries that how both the countries can work together for development. India is India, where is Pakistan left?

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Praise of CM Shivraj, siege to Kamal Nath

JP Nadda also attacked Kamal Nath fiercely. He said, a new chapter of development is being written in Madhya Pradesh. When the Congress government came in between, Kamal Nath had stopped many schemes, Shivraj started them again. Kamal Nath had removed the chapter of Kargil from the books of the state. This is an insult to the army. Asks for proof of air strike. Close the chapter of Congress in November. Keep in mind that Kamal Nath should stay and Shivraj should keep going.

JP Nadda also attacked fiercely regarding familyism. He said that there is familyism in SP, TMC, RJD and Shiv Sena. Only children of leaders can come forward in his party. Congress is also not a national party but a family party. Congress has become a party of contract. When Modi comes, he comes to serve the country. Under the leadership of Modi ji, BJP is working day and night in the service of the people.

At the same time, CM Shivraj said that I had come to Khargone in the past. Then the public had put forth some demands that a medical college should be opened here. Congress did injustice to Khargone. You had said that Navagraha Corridor should be made. Today I am happy that an amount of 21 crores has been approved for it. Sirvel Mahadev Temple will also be rejuvenated. I have also returned the mandi tax on cotton. The Bharatiya Janata Party does what it says.

Wonderful 9 years of Prime Minister’s rule have been completed. We gave Khargone a medical college. BJP does what it does. Gave a network of roads to Khargone. It was dark at the time of Congress. How many hours it used to take to go from Khargone to Indore during Congress rule, how many hours it takes now. CM Shivraj said that the Congress has eaten the money of the daughters. Got married but did not give 51 thousand. Kamal Nath also ate the laddus for the delivery of his daughters. Congress lies.

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