Kajal Aggarwal Shares Her Struggle With Post-Partum Depression And How She Recovered From It

Kajal Aggarwal: Kajal Aggarwal is one of the beautiful actresses of the Indian film industry. With his brilliant acting and strong personality, he has made a strong hold in this industry. He has done a great job in films of every language. If we talk about her personal life, she married Gautam Kichlu in 2020. In 2022, a son was born to him, whom he named Neil.

Kajal battling post partum depression

Kajal has put an Ask Me Anything round on her Instagram handle on Friday, in which she was answering the questions of her fans. During this, one of his fans asked if you too had depression after the birth of Neil and how was your experience. On this, Kajal said that yes, this had happened to her too and because of this she had upset her husband Gautam a lot. Although he told that his family is very supportive. Everyone helped him a lot in this difficult period. She told that she came out of this depression by spending time with herself and doing her favorite pass time i.e. workout.

He said- “Yes, it happened to me too. This is normal and the one with whom this happens needs the support of the family the most. Taking time for yourself helps a lot. Do your favorite activity. Do workout. Meet your friends over coffee. Thankfully it was over quickly. My family supported me a lot.

How pregnancy affected Kajal’s fitness

Answering another fan’s question, Kajal told how pregnancy affected her body and fitness. He said- “It is not that difficult physically, but fear remains in our mind. Life gives many beautiful moments. Every moment of life should be lived freely. Having a child is a blessing. Returning to work after two months of having a child is also no less than a blessing. It takes time to have a body like before.

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