Kajol On Nysa Devgan For Dealing Paparazzi Said Mera To Chappal Nikal Gya Hota

Kajol On Paparazzi : Kajol is in headlines these days for her web series ‘Lust Stories 2’. She is continuously giving interviews in connection with its promotion. During this, the actress is talking openly about her personal and professional life. Now in a recent interview, Kajol talked about handling the paparazzi of daughter Neesa and said that she is handling everything very well, my slippers would have been lifted. At the same time, Kajol also talked about Neesa’s expression when she was surrounded by paparazzi for the first time.

What was Neesa’s reaction when she was surrounded by photographers for the first time?
Being a starkid, Neesa is very popular on social media. Wherever she goes, she cannot escape from the eyes of the camera. Because of this, many times they also have to face trolling. Many times the picture clicked from the wrong angle becomes the reason for their trolling. Talking about all these issues, Kajol praised Neesa for handling paparazzi.

Sharing an anecdote, Kajol said, “I can’t teach her how to deal with paparazzi, she learned it from experience. She experienced paparazzi for the first time in Jaipur. We were both alone and traveling with some security.” were not doing it. Then 20-25 photographers surrounded us and started shouting, it scared her and started crying bitterly. I just picked her up in my arms and went straight to the car. Later I told her that People don’t mean to harm you, it’s just their job so don’t worry about it. If you notice, I’ve kept my kids away from this.”

Had I been in Neesa’s place, my slippers would have come off – Kajol
Talking about this, Kajol further said, ‘She is better now and is handling it very well. She is handling paparazzi with much more decency and dignity than me. If I were in his place, my chappals would have come out long ago.

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