Kajol Reveals Her Mom Tanuja Tells You Will Get Daughter Like You Here Is Nysa Devgn Hilarious Reaction

Kajol Annoys Her Mom Tanuja: Tanuja has been a big heroine of her time, along with her career, she also paid equal attention to her family and raising children. Tanuja raised both her daughters Kajol and Tanisha Mukherjee very well and also gave them moral values. However, whenever Kajol used to bother her mother, her mother Tanuja always used to say only one thing – ‘You will know when you will become a mother’. May you also get a daughter like you.’

Kajol disclosed

Kajol herself revealed about this. At the same time, daughter Nyasa gave her reaction on this matter of Kajol. Kajol told that once she too had told her daughter Nyasa the same words that her mother used to say to her – ‘You will know when you become a mother’. Nyasa reacted to this. According to Instant Bollywood, Kajol said- ‘My mother always used to tell me- I pray that you get a daughter like you. On the other hand, one day I also said the same thing to Nyasa. He reacted like this.

What was Nyasa’s reaction?

After listening to mom Kajol, Nyasa of chill nature replied to her mom- ‘No, I will have a son, I don’t think I will be able to handle a daughter like myself. So I said – well now you see. You will know.’ Kajol’s daughter is seen getting captured in the cameras of Paps, many pictures of Nyasa Devgan keep appearing on social media and go viral. In such a situation, Kajol says that she is very proud of her daughter that the way she carries herself is amazing. She is only 19 years old, so Kajol says that this is her age to party and enjoy. Kajol believes that her daughter has the right to do whatever she wants, Kajol said- ‘I will always support my daughter.’

Kajol finally broke silence on Nysa Devgan’s transformation, said- ‘She is 19 years old, she is having fun’

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